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4 step advanced solutions for termite control



Inspection of the property to identify the entry points to the building and possibility of the location of the colony, there are a many types of termites, but commonly most damages to properties are from subterranean termites.

Termite Control

Termite control locally or widespread consist of chemical or baits to stop the ongoing damage to the property.


Termite bait and monitoring stations, designed to scientifically eliminate subterranean termite colonies, this treatment exploits termite biology and behavior. Worker termites take and transfer the bait throughout the nest, eliminating termites at the source.


Chemical termite barriers, a liquid chemical is applied to the soil beneath concrete flooring and or around the entire perimeter of your property’s foundation to protect from future termite attack.


If you have discovered wood damage to your property from termites, the first thing to do is leave them alone, call the experts that can advise about the best method of termite control without causing further damage to your property.

Termites or White ants, as they are commonly called are found in tropical countries and temperate regions. Characteristics of the Australian climate attract is fair share of Termites.

Termites are among the few insects capable of digesting cellulose of wood which is a major component in wood and the most abundant organic compound on earth.

Termites that are foraging for food can also damage or destroy paper, leather, plastic cables, water pipes, even chew through the mortar between the bricks on your home.

Damage to your Property

Like all pests, it’s a matter of the right approach, technique, and experience to completely remove this infestation and apply the correct termite control techniques to your property.

Control of Termites

Our control methods can vary depending on the type of construction your property situation is, but it all ends up the same result of removing the infestation from your property, our system is simple, cost-effective and affordable within your budget.

Weak links for a termite entry point

Inspection to your property should identify the entry point of where the termites have entered, this will also be part of the overall treatment to remove the infestation. Key areas of the property that could lead to attracting termites will be established in the treatment of the termites.

Termite Food

Most properties have an abundance of food for termites and for other pests, leaking taps or dripping overflow pipes to the outside of your property is something you should watch out for, stacks of firewood are a sure way of bringing them closer to your property.

Property Maintenance

Maintenance of a property will certainly help to keep termites away, just the simple things will be a big factor of avoiding an infestation to your property, regular termite inspections should be carried out on an annual basis, that could detect damage from termites at an early stage and could save excessive costs to repair damage from termites.

Termite Protection

There are a few different methods for protecting against termite attack to your property, all depends on what you are comfortable with, we will go through all the options that are available and what the expected outcome of each option, all cost, any on-going coast involved with a particular product.

Bait stations effectively are in-ground stations around your property that attract termites to destroy the entire colony.

Chemical treatment to the soil around the external wall of your property, as termites continue to forage through the soil and make contact that will kill the termites.

Some favorable conditions to attract Termites.

weep holes or vents at the base of external walls are concealed by pavements, gardens, lawns, or landscaping then it is possible for termites to gain undetected entry into the building.
Damp situations may result from inadequate or poorly maintained roof drainage, leaking plumbing, inadequate downpipes.
Surface drainage, the ground sloping towards walls, raised ground levels.
leaking showers, cracked and perforated pipes, blocked drains, and faulty connections.

With trained Pest Control technicians and more than 20 years of experience treating termites and pests, we will make sure you are protected from pests.

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Or call us at
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