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Powerful and Immediate Solutions to your Mosquito Control

Prokil Pest Control has powerful solutions to bringing comfort to your home and business against mosquitos, we apply the safest yet the most effective techniques to our pest-fighting monitoring and treatments. Get effective immediate help with guaranteed results right away without putting your health at risk.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Mosquito Service

We offer a full range of pest control services to your family home or business large or small, regardless of the pest problem you have, we aim to provide solutions for you whether you have a home. Shop, restaurant, office block or shed in the back yard, our services and treatments are provided.

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4 Step advance solutions for Mosquitoe Control




Look for any items that can hold water for a few days, flower pot saucers, old cans, tires, glass jars, and type of container that holds water.


Insecticide sprays and outdoors foggers applied to mosquitoes resting areas, trees, vegetation, plant pots and particular dark areas to keep these diseaes carrying insects away from our home.


Mornings and afternoon hours are when mosquitoes are more active, personal sprays can be applied, repair broken fly screens, eliminate small pools of standing water.


Maintain conditions around the home that attract adult mosquitoes, avoid using excessive water to gardens, clean gutters. Unnecessary water accumulation should be discarded.
pest control services
pest control services

About Mosquitoes

Mosquito Control to the species that are annoying and feed on us, we can protect ourselves by using a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall relief.

With more than 300 species of mosquitoes found in Australia with a small number that suck your blood, these deadly bugs spread disease and cause discomfort to many. The bite from the female that has bitten someone with a particular disease can then inject the salvia in to the next bite on a human or animal. This annoying habit from the female can cause mild to severe irritations and possible disease to its host.

Why mosquitoes are more attractive to some people, are you the one that is always getting bitten by mosquitoes? The science on this, is partially generics, carbon dioxide from exhaling will attract mosquitoes. Certain colors may be more attractive than others, human sweat also may play a role in attracting the female adult.

Blood meal

Female adults require a blood meal before egg production of batches of 100 eggs, mosquitoes full of our blood will use the proteins to make eggs which are usually laid on the surface of water, bottle lids or the smallest of containment of water will do, eggs deposited on water surfaces usually hatch within a couple of days, but eggs laid on the sides of saucers under plants, jars, cans, or soil surfaces won’t hatch until flooding occurs, which can be months or even years later.

Local effective control of mosquitoes is targeted against the larval stage of the life cycle, disruptions of breeding sites can reduce the adult population, mosquitoes develop in water, look for any standing water sites, reduction to your site of breeding grounds.

With trained Pest Control technicians and more than 20 years of experience treating termites and pests, we will make sure you are protected from pests.


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Equipped and ready to go, let’s take care of those pest and remove them for good, if its cockroaches, fleas, rodents, termites, we can tackle any pest you have. call us for free advice or book an inspection on 1300 776 545 and speak to our friendly technician 0407 594 168


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Or call us at
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