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Powerful and Immediate Solutions to your Cockroach Control

Prokil Pest Control has powerful solutions to bringing comfort to your home and business against cockroaches, we apply the safest yet the most effective techniques to our pest-fighting monitoring and treatments. Get effective immediate help with guaranteed results right away without putting your health at risk.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Cockroach Control

We offer a full range of pest control services to your family home or business large or small, regardless of the pest problem you have, we aim to provide solutions for you whether you have a home. Shop, restaurant, office block or shed in the back yard, our services and treatments are provided.

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4 step advanced solutions for cockroach control




Inspection of Locations for target destruction of cockroaches from your property.


Cockroache Control treatments is detailed & specific purpose combination of insecticides and baits are very effective in controlling cockroaches when combined with hygiene.


Glue board traps can be effective way of monitoring cockroach population, place traps where cockroaches have been sighted.


The keys to controlling cockroaches are sanitation and exclusion: to food and water and shelter by fixing leaks, seal around plumbing pipes and gaps.
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About Cockroaches

The sight of a cockroach scuttling around in the kitchen or on the cupboards may be familiar to some, but you don’t have to put up with your uninvited pests. Cockroaches will almost eat anything in your home, even tiny amounts of crumbs or liquids caught between cracks provide a food source.

Cockroaches are a highly adaptable insect found in most areas of the world. Because of their adaptability they have become a common pest to humans. They will scavenge on starch, sweets, grease, cardboard, fabrics, in fact all human and animal foods, they will eat virtually anything.

Cockroaches can become pests in your home or business, they will be found almost anywhere especially in food preparation and storage areas, their contamination of food and surfaces which they come in contact with.

While they don’t generally bite people, cockroaches shed, and their waste products can get into the air you breathe. Indoor cockroach infestations may cause allergy and asthma symptoms to get worse.

They are one of the most common pests in people’s homes and they carry disease and bacteria, so they are even more of a worry if left untreated. They thrive in uncleaned areas, near food and near bins and unsensitised environments and they often carry disease and bacteria’s.

Cockroaches will almost squeeze between the smallest of gaps for survival and a food source. Especially the German cockroach can take hold of your kitchen with speed, they are a social  insect that spreads the news of a good host and food by their faeces.

Typicl of species we most encounter

There are two main species which typically invade our homes, known as German Cockroaches (small) and American Cockroaches (large). The smaller German Cockroach has an extremely short reproduction rate and if left unchecked, is capable of rapidly breeding into a major infestation.

American and German cockroaches are the mosly coomon of cockroaches we come across, they may look similar, but they behave differently and search for different types of environments.

One of the most telling signs between both types is that the American is noticeable by its large size and dark reddish/brown colour. If you’ve tried to swat a roach and then it suddenly flies away, its most likely an American and if you’ve left food crumbs on your kitchen floor the American is likely to welcome itself into your home.

Germans on the other hand are much smaller and have light brown stripes on its back and are commonly found in walls and dark crevasse. But Germans outnumber Americans by a large percentage they lay multiple eggs in a short period of time and a female can produce up to 150 eggs per year. German females can lay up to 30,000 eggs in one year. While both types of roaches prefer to live in hot and humid environments Germans prefer much more heated and humid environments such as plumbing areas, under cabinets, under refrigerators etc.

Where do cockroaches hide in your house?

Cockroaches are abundant insect that can be found almost everywhere from homes to restaurants and ships. There slender body makes it easy for them to occupy the smallest of cracks and survive in a wide range of environments. Service pipes and cabling through your home allows easy access for them to gain entry to your property, and move from room to room.

Cockroaches can feed on a variety of food of both plant and animal origin, including what’s in your kitchen, skin flakes, hair, other dead insects and soiled clothing. Cockroaches can live up to a year in favorable conditions and the female can produce around 400 offspring.

Location of cockroaches can be:

  • Kitchen cupboard hinges
  • Under sink between bench top
  • Under electrical appliances – fridges – dishwasher – ovens
  • Behind hanging pictures
  • Through the pipe penetrations under sinks
  • Bathroom area
  • Dark warm areas

Further evidence of an infestation may include black droppings, and smear marks, cast-off skins.

Turning the light on through the night will make them scuttle back to their resting site.

Dead cockroaches found in dark corners, gaps at the side of the fridge and around the toilet bowel.

Cockroaches rest during the day in dark warm areas of your home or business, their small cracks and narrow spaces keeps them protected and secure which makes it all more difficult to find the infested areas.

Control Tips:
  • It’s important to determine where the cockroaches are located
  • Which species of cockroach you have, if you know the species of cockroach, you will be better able to determine where the source of infestation is and where to focus attention
  • Clean up all waste and food particles in the kitchen and keep the sink clean
  • Cockroaches hide in dark spaces, gaps and cracks
  • Bait are very effective against most species of cockroaches
  • Sprays can be effective, but also may temporarily suppress population
  • Glue board traps offer the best way to monitor cockroach populations, by placing traps in several locations and inspecting them regularly, you can identify the areas of most severe infestation and know where to concentrate control
With trained Pest Control technicians and more than 20 years of experience treating termites and pests, we will make sure you are protected from pests.

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Or call us at
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