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Immediate Solutions to your Ant Control

Prokil Pest Control Gold Coast has a range of solutions to bringing comfort to your home and business against ants.

A successful ant treatment may require several types of control tactics and not just relying on a single strategy like using household sprays.

In large numbers they pose a real health concern, therefore while ants may seem small and harmless and look unsightly, they can spread bacteria including Salmonellae.

Prokil Pest Control Gold Coast apply the safest yet the most effective techniques to our Pest Control solutions and treatments.

Get effective immediate help with guaranteed results right away without putting your health at risk.


Ant Control Treatments

Ant Control Services can be part of your annual Pest Control Service which includes gel baits, powder and sprays.

Naturally ants will do what they have to do and that’s forage for a food source, ant control to your property, regardless of what type of property you own, dealing with pests such as ants is something you simply won’t be able to avoid.

Ant Infestation may take more than one treatment, our treatment plans are targeted to completely remove the infestation.

We offer a full range of pest control services to your family home or business large or small, regardless of the pest problem you have, we aim to provide solutions for you whether you have a home. Shop, restaurant, office block or shed in the back yard, our services and treatments are provided.


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Ant Solutions to your Home and Business

Ants are always busy moving materials around so it shouldn’t be too difficult to spot where ants are nesting, sand been pushed up from between pavers, dusty particulars on the inside of window frames.

Treatments for Ant Control

Ant baits contain insecticides mixed with materials that attract worker ants looking for food. Baits are a key tool for managing ants and the only type of insecticide that target most pest species of ant, including all key sweet feeders.


To prevent ants from coming indoors is to apply a perimeter treatment of residual sprays around the perimeter of the building.


Trim vegetation away from around the house, fix dripping taps, regular clean guttering, remove recycling and garbage often.Store food items in sealed containers, caulk or seal cracks and crevices around your home.
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Ant Control Solutions

Ant control to your property requires the right treatment from the beginning, otherwise, within a few days, they will be back again to annoy you, destruction of the nest is going to give you the assurance they won’t be back.

While ants are persistent and could spoil more than a picnic, ants are omnivorous, they consume everything. They feed on aphids milk and other tiny hemipteras, insects, tiny living or dead animals, as well as plant sap and multiple fruits in nature. They also eat eggs of insects.

There are a small number of Ants we come in contact with, out of the known 3000 species in Australia. One of the most notorious Ants you can come across is the Bull Ant with its vicious sting. Steer clear of this ant.

Damaged caused by ants

For most homeowners ants become a nuisance when they enter your home, they pose a sanitary risk and are drawn inside usually in search of a wide range of foods. Some ants build nests inside walls and roof spaces. A few species are known to attack electrical wiring. Ant control to the colony is the only way of stopping the destruction ants can have inside of your property.

How  to spot ants

Outdoor nesting can be spotted by the piles of soil be deposited on pavers between tiles and brickwork resulting in a mess. Some ants may bite or sting.

Signs of a few ants on the floor or in your kitchen cupboards could be a sign of an infestation.

What to look for:                                                    

A few ants in the kitchen may be attracted to spills from a jar or food left in the open, its only matter of days before you are overrun by them – act now! Call for ant control.

Dust particles around the skirting window or from the ceiling will be an indication they are nesting in the roof space or behind the walls.

Piles of dirt been pushed up from between the pavers on your patio, small heaps of dirt on the lawns, these signs are of ant nests or multi-nesters. (More than one colony) The right treatment to apply for complete ant control is knowing which ant you have.

Luckily, you can take many easy measures to solve the issue once you understand what kind of ant you’re dealing with.

Examples of what draws ants into your kitchen include:

  • Improperly stored foods
  • Overly ripe or rotting fruits and vegetables
  • Food crumbs and sugary spills
  • An unsanitary environment
  • Trash
  • Moisture


  • Seal any cracks and crevices that ants may use to enter your home.
  • Wipe up ant trails with soapy water to remove any pheromone trails.
  • Vacuum up ants. Dispose of the vacuum bag right away.
  • Regularly empty and wash rubbish bins and recycling bins. Clean up crumbs and spills, especially with sweet liquids like soda.
  • If ants are coming inside, consider keeping food in hard, sealed containers, not cardboard boxes or paper wrappers. Attractive items, such as sugar and honey, can also be stored in the refrigerator.
Managing Ants Outside
  • The most effective way to kill small black ants is to use ant baits
  • If a potted plant has ants, consider creating a ‘moat’ barrier around them. Elevate potted plants inside a larger bowl full of water and detergent keeping them above the waterline.
  • Keep vegetation around the house trimmed so that ants can’t travel from shrubbery or branches to the house.
  • Fix leaky pipes or clogged gutters, replace any moisture-damaged wood, and store firewood, where carpenter ants may nest, away from the home.
  • Locate and remove the ant nest(s). Different ant species prefer different nesting sites.
  • You will need to have an understanding of what nutritional needs are required by the species of ant to determine the type of ant bait to use. Different baits provide different dietary values, such as protein, sugar, or carbohydrates.

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