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4 step advanced solutions for pantry moth control




Inspection all areas of food storage, removal of all infested food product will be the first steps in removing pantry moths from your home or business.


Clean all of the cupboards and drawers in your kitchen thoroughly and dry them - even the ones where you haven't seen any signs of pantry moths.


Ensure that all food is placed into airtight plastic or glass containers. Larval can squeeze betwen the smallest of gaps.


Be vigilant. Being aware and keeping a check on your cupboards can stop the problem before it turns into a pantry moth infestation.
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About Pantry Moths

The Indian meal moth also known as the pantry moth is a stored food pest and no to be confused with other moths in the home like the webbing cloth moth which attacks and fabrics, you will only find this Indian meal moth around the kitchen area usually coming from your pantry.

Seeing small grey moths flying around your kitchen during the night may be the most obvious sign of a pantry moth and food moth problem, but when you get to that stage it’s a clear sign the infestation has taken hold.

Pantry moths have two pairs of well-developed membranous wings, with few cross veins; clothed with broad scales; generally, suctorial mouthparts; metamorphosis proceeds from egg through larval, pupal and adult stages; larvae frequently have eight pairs of limbs.

Pantry moth sightings:

Thin web-like threads in your flour, sugar, cereal, rice, or any other food.

Holes in food containers.

Small bugs or cocoons.

White maggots in packages.

Stored-product pests are usually brought into the home in an infested package of food, egg and larval stages will be encased into the packets of dry food.

Pantry moth control

Removal of all infested food product will be the first steps in removing this pest from your home or business.

All areas of storage of foods in your home or business should be inspected for any signs of live or dead adult pantry moth.

Remove all food from the cupboards, check through all of the food for any signs of damage to the packets, and throw away anything that could be a source of food for the larvae, wash all tin food.

The moths are able to get into surprisingly tight spots, including sealed bags by chewing through them.

Any newly purchased dry food can be placed inside the freezer or briefly heating in a microwave, this will kill eggs and larval. Ensure that all food is placed into airtight plastic or glass containers.


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