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Rodents can make a home basically in any place they desire too, on an average per year we get many calls especially through the winter months of rats or mice have started to eat my car and they have caused thousands of dollars of damage, the very nature of a rodent is to gnaw, but gnawing on your car is going to cost you, so how can you keep these critters out of your pride and joy?

What attracts rats and mice to my Car

Water, warmth security and shelter are probably the main reasons they move into your car for their new home. Cars are very convenient place for them to hide from predators. The cars insulations which protect the internal of the vehicle from the heat are perfect for nest building materials. Teeth are the prime problem with rodents as they continue to grow continuously throughout their life, naturally they need to keep them sharp and from growing too long.

The cars water system is prime chewing materials, as they can smell the water in the hoses, electrical wiring in the tightest places in a car is normally chewed as they travel through the vehicles engine compartment. And of course this makes it more difficult to fix, not to mention the added cost for this exploration for the garage electrician to find and diagnose?


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Equipped and ready to go, let’s take care of those pests and remove them for good, if its cockroaches, fleas, rodents, termites, we can tackle any pest you have. call us for free advice or book an inspection on 1300 776 545 and speak to our friendly technician 0407 594 168


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